5 Step Enrollment Process

    Step 1

    Find out if you, a loved one, or a patient meets the basic requirements of the On Lok Lifeways PACE program

    One of our enrollment specialists will provide preliminary information about eligibility and the costs of the On Lok Lifeways PACE program.

    Enrollment process

    The majority of participants enjoy the On Lok Lifeways PACE program at no cost. Any monthly cost is based on Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits at the time of enrollment.

    Step 2

    On Lok Lifeways Visit

    Enrollment process

    Once it is determined that you meet the basic eligibility requirements, you will be invited to visit an On Lok Lifeways PACE center. If you need a ride, we can arrange comfortable transportation with one of our vehicles through our senior transportation services.

    During this visit, you will tour the PACE center, have lunch in the dining room, and learn more about On Lok Lifeways senior care services from our staff.

    If you decide that you would like to enroll in our program, we will assist you in gathering medical records from your current care provider and take the next step to visit with you in your home.

    Step 3

    Home Visit

    Enrollment process

    Following your visit to an On Lok Lifeways PACE center, a nurse and an enrollment specialist will make a visit to your home. They will ask questions about your current medical care, healthcare needs, and living situation in order to determine the type of home care services that may need to be provided in your home.

    This meeting will provide you and your loved ones with information about the On Lok Lifeways PACE program and give everyone the opportunity to ask questions to help decide if the On Lok Lifeways PACE program is the right choice.

    Step 4

    Eligibility Assessment

    Enrollment process

    After the home visit, you will meet with an On Lok physician, social worker and other members of our interdisciplinary care team. We will conduct a thorough evaluation as required by the state of California and then submit it to the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) for review.

    The final decision to determine PACE program eligibility rests with this State agency.

    If it is determined that you do not meet the PACE program eligibility requirements, you will be notified in writing. If you disagree with the reason for the disapproval, you will have an opportunity to appeal the decision.

    Step 5

    Your Individual Care Plan

    Enrollment process

    Once we receive the State’s approval, we will invite you to the On Lok Lifeways PACE center to discuss a personalized care plan.

    Here, you will meet the interdisciplinary care team to discuss an individualized care plan.

    At the end of this meeting, you will complete the paperwork for enrollment and become a PACE participant.

    Welcome to the On Lok Lifeways PACE program!