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On Lok Lifeways PACE Program for Seniors

The On Lok Lifeways PACE program allows seniors who are ill or disabled to live in their own home, whether home is a family residence, apartment, retirement village, or private room.

Every Day is Different

Since each participant is an active partner in his or her individualized care plan, there is no “standard” day in the On Lok Lifeways PACE program. The following is an example of a participant’s day:


Visiting the On Lok Lifeways PACE Center

An On Lok Lifeways PACE center is a lively place where seniors in the program have access to medical care, social activities, exercise, and meals. A participant may attend the PACE center from one to five days a week, based on the care team’s recommendations, and the needs and interests of the participant.

The morning begins when the teal On Lok Lifeways van arrives at the front door. The familiar van driver will help the participant get into the van comfortably.

At the On Lok Lifeways PACE center, the participant might come for a visit with the primary care physician to check on a specific health problem. Then, the participant might socialize with friends, eat a lunch customized for his or her dietary needs, and exercise with a physical therapist to maintain strength and mobility.

The day could wind down with a cultural performance from a local arts group or a quiet talk with the chaplain.

After a full day utilizing all of what the On Lok Lifeways PACE program has to offer, the van driver returns the participant to his or her home by our exclusive senior transportation services, possibly with a meal for dinner, as well as the participant’s laundry and/or prescription drugs.


Home Care Services

Depending on the participant’s needs, a homecare worker may visit the participant every day, a few times a week, or once a week.

The homecare worker is one of a familiar group of 2 or 3 people who visit the participant at home. On Lok Lifeways home care staff are part of a professional staff that we qualify, train, and oversee. The participant’s care and safety is a priority.

At the participant’s home, the On Lok Lifeways home care staff may help the participant shave, get dressed, organize medicines, and help with light house chores and meal preparation.


Peace of mind and the expertise of a dedicated care team

On Lok Lifeways physicians and medical specialists have experience with the unique challenges faced by chronically ill and disabled seniors. The participant receives care from a select group of primary care physicians and specialists from a panel of On Lok Lifeways providers.

The physician is part of an interdisciplinary care team, which includes nursing, nutrition, social services, physical and occupational therapy, and activity therapy. This interdisciplinary care team meets regularly to review the participant’s health and wellness.

On Lok Lifeways professionals and staff members – from van drivers to medical specialists – are sensitive to the daily changes of each participant’s health and emotional state. This comes from over 45 years of experience in senior care.

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